Monday, 3 June 2013

Manifesting Money! (Step-by-Step Guide)

So here it is. Follow these steps and give it all you've got. If you're still skeptical, then treat it as an experiment, but follow these steps with utmost faith. And believe. Your mind has power over everything else.  But if you've not read the previous post then I urge you to read it. It will help you understand this powerful process and will prepare you.   

"There is no matter as such. Mind is the matrix of all matter."- Max Planck (physicist, pioneer, visionary)

Step 1:
Sit in a calm, quiet place. Close your eyes. Take a few calming, deep breaths. Just focus on your thoughts. You could even listen to some calming music if you like. Try to let go of all your anxiety. Focus on the negative thoughts crossing your mind and identify what they are. They could be anything-fear, guilt, frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety or self-doubt. Whatever these emotions and thoughts are, identify them. Once you have identified them, try to expunge them from your mind. Focus on each negative thought, and tell yourself- "I have complete control over my life. This does not affect me. I do not allow it to affect me. My life is happy and prosperous. Thank you." And truly, completely believe in these words as you say them. Slowly but surely, tackle each negative thought and neutralize them. 

Step 2:
The next step is to count your blessings. This step is very important as it raises your vibe and helps you attract money faster. No matter how hard life has treated you, you can always find things to be grateful for. Count ten blessings. " I am so happy and grateful for....." It could be a person, an event in your life, a material thing, or a place. Repeat this sentence aloud or in your mind, each time thanking the Universe (or God, or yourself- or whatever you believe in) for a different blessing. Feel the love, happiness and gratitude. Spend a minute on each blessing thinking how it has enriched your life. It could be a miracle that turned your life around. Or it could be something as simple as a clean sidewalk. Feel happy and blessed to be alive. 

Step 3:
The next step is to set a goal. A clear goal. Decide what it is you really want. If its a certain sum of money, right down the exact figures on a piece of paper. Place it in front of you. Stare at it for a couple of minutes. Let those figures sink deep into your mind. Close your eyes and focus on them. Then visualize what it is that you want to do with that money. Visualize the things you intend to buy, the people you intend to help, the success you intend to achieve, the situations you intend to overcome with that money. Visualize the end result. It could be several things at once. Hold those images in your mind. Now imagine that you've already achieved all that. That you finally have that money in hand. How does that make you feel? Incredible? amazing? Overjoyed? Focus on these mental images of your goals as though you have already achieved them. Feel those emotions that you would feel if you had that money. Focus on these emotions and try to hold onto them for at least 5 minutes at a stretch. The more intense your joy, happiness, love and gratitude, the faster you will manifest that money. Keep visualizing your goal. Feel the cash in your hand. Take in the scent of that money. Make it a multi-sensory experience. And at the end, say a silent, heartfelt thank you. 

Step 4:
Make it a point to thank people who help in the process of manifesting money. Thank every person who provides you with a service in exchange for money. Feel happy and confident about yourself and the money. Don't doubt the manifestation. Believe and know deep in your heart that the money is yours and that it is coming your way. Keep visualizing and feeling happy and grateful when you visualize. 
Do this everyday. Start believing and knowing that you have your money. It will come to you faster than you can possibly imagine. And remember, be grateful. For everything. 

Gratitude and visualization is the key to this practice. 
Tell me how it worked out for you. Lots of love to everyone out there. :*


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