Monday, 3 June 2013

Manifesting Money! (Power of your thoughts)

Thoughts become things! Here's how-

Well if you want to accomplish anything in life, anything at all, this is one fundamental concept that you absolutely need to grasp. Thoughts become things. Your thoughts are constantly creating the world around you and its time you became aware. Many people are subconsciously using the law of attraction to manifest the life of their dreams because deep inside they already know the power of their thoughts.

When you think of something, your brain sends out an electromagnetic signal to the ether. Everything in this Universe is made of energy. Including our thoughts. Our thoughts are electrochemical energy that get transmitted from one neuron to another. When you think of something, you experience an emotion associated with that thought. A certain thought could make you extremely happy while another could make you sad. Your feelings are like a feedback mechanism for your thoughts. So, try this as an experiment, for 10 minutes each day, think of random things and gauge your reaction to them. Do those things make you feel happy? Or sad? Or angry? Or grateful?  Single out those thoughts that make you feel extremely happy and grateful and write them down. Then focus on them. When you think of positive thoughts, you mind emits a positive frequency or "vibe" to the Universe, and by the Law of Attraction, the Universe emits the same signal back to you by manifesting your thoughts in your life. This is true for any negative thought as well. No matter what your vibe, the Universe will emit the same signal back to you. Think of yourself as a radio tower. You are giving out a frequency throughout the universe. Like attracts like. The universe will give you what you ask it for, what you consistently think of. 

So, basically, your thoughts are shaping your life. Now, it doesn't matter what you think of throughout the day. The Universe will respond to your predominant thoughts only. What do predominant thoughts mean? That feeling, that you get in your gut, when you're absolutely certain something good or something bad is going to happen. That thought that constantly occupies you. The universe is always responding to that. 
So take it upon yourself to consciously think of only those things that you want to manifest in your life and try to feel extremely grateful and happy about it. The Universe will catch your new frequency and respond to it instantly. Don't feel doubtful. Otherwise you'll get exactly that from the Universe-more doubts.
Think of energizing thoughts, thoughts that make you go "YAY!", thoughts that give you peace and satisfaction, thoughts of success, money, abundance, happiness. Make it your vibe. The Universe is at your service.

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