Monday, 3 June 2013

Manifesting Health (Recovering from an illness)

The key to the following practice is GRATITUDE. Before we begin, take a few moments to appreciate the fact that you're alive. Just this. You are alive. Thank the Universe for bringing you into existence. Thank your parents for giving you life. Life is precious, life is magnificent. When you are alive, you can conquer the world. Being alive is a gift, the most precious gift. Feel grateful, feel happy for being alive. Say thank you universe, for this moment, for it is precious. Thank you for my life because it is truly magnificent. Raise you vibe to one of true gratefulness. Just feel happy and grateful for being alive, for being you.

Now the first thing you need to realize is that an illness or a disease is nothing but negative energy. Everything that we come across in this Universe is energy. What you need to do is raise your own energy to such a level that it completely nullifies the negative energy residing in your body. Right now, your predominant thoughts are of sickness since you're suffering yourself and your predominant emotions are of fear, anxiety, helplessness and despair. these thoughts and emotions are in turn attracting more sickness and disease which will attract more such thoughts and so on and so forth. I call it the disease loop. What can you do to get out of it? Raise your vibe.

Remember, taking all medications and therapies that your doctor prescribes is just as important. Under no circumstance are you to abandon your medication. This practice, coupled with your prescribed medication will  cure you completely within weeks.

Step 1 : Be happy. Laugh like a maniac. Watch the funniest shows on air and laugh your guts out. Hire a couple of comedy show CDs or Tom and Jerry DVDs and laugh like a little child. Don't hold back. Look up hilarious jokes on the internet and laugh as much as you can. Don't let yourself feel sad or depressed even for one second. The moment you feel any negative emotions arising in your mind, watch another hilarious show. The curative powers of laughter and happiness is underrated. Watch outrageously funny videos on YouTube. Go out of your way to make every day an extremely funny and enjoyable day. The overwhelmingly large amount of endorphins your brain will release everyday if you do this practise will cure your whole body within a few weeks. But do this practise every day without fail.

Step 2 : Every night, before going to sleep, count your blessings. Write them down in your journal and write down the reason you're grateful for that particular blessing. 20 blessings every night. Feel as grateful for them as you can. And every day when you wake up in the morning, say thank you. Say thank you when your feet touch the ground. 

Step 3 : Visualize. Construct a mental image of yourself- perfectly healthy, happy and completely recovered. There's a glow on your face. You are enjoying life. You are completely cured. Transfer yourself into that mental image. Believe that it is happening now, that you have healed completely and feel grateful for it. Say thank you Universe for healing/curing me completely. Thank you for my perfect health. And feel as if you have already recovered. Be grateful for your recovery. Do this practice 5 times a day. Once after you get up, , once after lunch, once in the evening, once after dinner and once before going to bed. To aid in the visualization process, you can write this sentence- "I am perfectly healthy, happy and fit. I have recovered/ healed completely" on a large sheet and hang it or paste it on a wall where you will see it often. Every time you read this sentence, say thank you.

Step 4 : The next most important step is to donate. The more you give the more you get. Donate a small fraction of your salary to a charitable organization. It could be a children's hospital, an old age home, a hospital run by an NGO or a home for people with special needs. When you donate, you signal to the Universe that you are living in abundance. Everytime you donate, feel grateful. And it needn't necessarily be money, you can give away clothes, books, your own services or even advice. Make people around you feel happy.

Step 5 : Get some exercise. Consult your doctor. Even a 15 minute yoga session will go a long way in healing your body.

Follow these steps with dedication and you will see results within a few days. And whatever happens, don't ever give up. Be as happy as you possibly can and feel as much gratitude as you possibly can. and above all, remember- You're Awesome.

Lots of love,

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