Monday, 3 June 2013

Manifesting Health (Overview)

Do you want that perfect physique? Are you consistently trying to lose weight with no results? Is it a health related issue you're worried about? Set all worries aside and embark upon a marvelous, wholesome and healthy journey with me. Get ready for the body of your dreams!

Your mind is powerful tool. Probably the most powerful tool in the whole universe. With the proper training, both physically and mentally, you can use your mind to achieve perfect health and fitness within weeks. And by "perfect health" I mean an absolutely perfect, fit and disease free body and mind.

So are you willing to take things in your own hands and work with me to achieve the body of your dreams? If yes, then the first thing you must do right now, this very moment is- set a goal. Take a pen and a notepad and write down your health goals. If you want to recover from an illness-write it down. If you want six pack abs-write it down. You can write down as many goals as you want and together, we will work through them one by one. In my following posts, I will demonstrate how to use the Law of Attraction to achieve perfect health. There will be three posts- the first one on recovering completely from an illness. The second one will be on general fitness and body sculpting. And the third will be on weight loss. If there's a specific health problem that you'd like to tackle then leave a comment and I will guide you on how to overcome it and be perfectly healthy once more. 

Thank you for being awesome! :*

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